Energy Saving Homes at Victoria Close

Energy saving homes that give you affordable warmth

At Victoria Close, Sydenham in East Belfast, Fairbuild has worked strenuously with RPP Architects to create an outstanding development of energy saving homes for first time buyers in East Belfast.

Fairbuild is keen to redefine and establish new standards for sustainable and affordable living. A Fairbuild home really does offer a great deal extra for families and those starting out on the property ladder.

Its fairer to the homebuyer because it means that you have more money in your pocket to spend on everyday living expenses and those little extras that make life worth the living.

It’s fairer to the environment because a Fairbuild energy saving home is designed to use up less of the world’s finite energy resources and use renewable energy sources where possible and smarter thinking when it comes to designing homes which are in of themselves better at holding heat and taking advantage of the heat that they absorb.