Homes of True Value

Fairbuild Homes

We created Fairbuild for you. We want you to find it easier to buy a special place where you’re happy, proud and comfortable. Everyone deserves a home that’s high quality and a fair price. So we build homes that are beautiful, affordable and give you real value for money.

Beautifully crafted homes

Each Fairbuild home is crafted with you in mind. We pay attention to every little detail, because every home should be a perfect fit for its owner, environment and local community.

Long-term affordability

Affordability isn’t just about the price of buying your home, it’s also about the cost of running it too. But we’ve already thought of that – our homes are designed to keep saving you money. They preserve energy, heat and water, helping you keep bills low.

Flexible finance

Of course everybody’s financial situation is different, so we’ll try to help you wherever we can. Depending on your circumstances and property, you might be suitable for ‘Rent-to-Buy’, ‘FairShare’ (our shared ownership scheme) or ‘Deposit Incentive’ scheme. Just ask and we’ll find the best option for you.

Homes you CAN afford to dream about

Whether you’re a first time buyer, or an existing homeowner looking for something more suitable, Fairbuild will work with you to relieve the stress of house hunting. We want to make quality homes an affordable reality for everyone, which is why we reinvest any profit we make into building more homes.

Finally you can find a home with that unbeatable combination of high quality and real value.

First time buyers in a Fairbuild home