Refurbished homes in Belfast neighbourhoods

Fairbuild is refurbishing quality homes in established neighbourhoods across Belfast and Northern Ireland It is accepted that by refurbishing and transforming an existing property into a much sought after quality home can effectively contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Even so Fairbuild understands that sustainable development is about more than bricks and mortar. We are passionate about … [Read more...]

Refurbishing existing homes – a green alternative

Refurbishing existing Northern Ireland homes can be a sustainable alternative to new build developments As the world struggles with increasing energy demands, unstable fuel prices and the wide-ranging impacts of climate change, environmental issues are a priority which we at Fairbuild are determined to take seriously. Like every developer our actions have an effect on the world around us. … [Read more...]

Fairbuild’s Zero Carbon Builder at Maghera

Wilson & Mawhinney Warming to the Challenge for New Build Zero Carbon Emissions It’s hard to argue with the ingenuity of clever design and the first-rate workmanship of a traditionally built house that is not only affordable to first time buyers but promises zero carbon living. That is why Fairbuild selects its design and building partners very carefully. The bespoke nature of the new … [Read more...]

Fairbuild’s Sustainable Design Consultant

Hero to zero architect Barry Gallagher uses traditional building methods Barry Gallagher is an Architect & Building Sustainability Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. A pioneer in the field of sustainable build he specialises in eliminating carbon emissions for new build homes. He was one of the first designers to plan and deliver a true Zero Carbon home … [Read more...]

Helping to Make Zero Carbon Homes a Reality in Northern Ireland

Fairbuild is building two zero carbon homes in Maghera It’s vital that our new homes are designed and built to be as sustainable as possible so as to make a positive contribution to the environment, economy and our quality of life. However building a zero carbon home is proving challenging in the current economic climate, even though land and house prices are at a reduced level. But at … [Read more...]

The Sign of Things to Come

Do you believe in fairies? Folklore inspires many stories and legends about these mystical beings. Despite those who associate fairies with mischief making or worse I like to think of them as portents of good fortune. My grandmother used to tell us as children that they made the circles by dancing and using their magical powers. The scientific truth of course is much less romantic. The … [Read more...]

Maghera gets first zero carbon homes

Fairbuild Homes has been granted planning permission to build the first Zero Carbon homes for sale in Maghera. Two semi-detached, three-bedroom turnkey homes will be built at The Fort, Craigmore Road, Maghera and will offer the lucky purchasers low-cost, carbon-neutral living all at an affordable price. Each house has been specially designed by Barry Gallagher, our Architect & Building … [Read more...]

Our construction partner at Victoria Close – Corramore Construction

Fairbuild homes - built to withstand the test of time. A Fairbuild home must meet the rigorous demands of a modern lifestyle and be built to withstand the test of time. Fairbuild will only employ a builder who has the wide range of diverse skills and the resources to guarantee the delivery of a quality product. Therefore, we look for a builder who is keen to work with us to achieve the … [Read more...]

Fairbuild Homes offer Greener Design

Traditional building methods can lead the way in delivering low-cost, energy saving and sustainably built homes. Mention energy-efficient, sustainable housing and many homebuyers start to imagine elaborate designs incorporating fancy gadgets to make your home greener. Most people think a zero carbon home is unattainable and unaffordable. There’s a belief that we’re trailing behind other … [Read more...]

Affordable, low-energy homes coming to Sydenham

Construction is starting soon on Fairbuild’s exciting flagship development, which will dramatically cut household bills and running costs for 17 lucky homeowners. Fairbuild's flagship development Victoria Close is situated on Victoria Road, just off the Holywood Road in Sydenham. We’re building 16 modern three bedroom homes and refurbishing a property that is already on the site. The … [Read more...]