Customer Care – The Fairbuild Way

Value is important. Not just in our homes, but also in our service.

Couple in front of new Fairbuild home

You will be making one of the most important purchases of your life, so you deserve a level of service reflecting that.

That’s our responsibility to you and we’re serious about it. When you speak, we’ll listen and respond, making sure you always have confidence in us. You’ll receive information and updates that are straightforward, on time and helpful.

You’ll also have your own dedicated Fairbuild point of contact, someone you can rely on for help and support whenever needed.

Fairbuild Customer Charter

Your needs and enquiries will be different to everyone else. But whatever you need, at whatever point in the buying process, there are some things we can guarantee.

When you enquire about a Fairbuild home

1. Information on all properties will be available and transparent before any purchase.
2. You’ll be treated with courtesy at all times
3. A dedicated Fairbuild point of contact will be assigned to help you
4. You can rely on us to respond to any enquires, requests or complaints as quickly as possible
5. You won’t receive a sales pitch – just straightforward help and advice
6. No feedback will be ignored. We’re listening and we will respond.
7. You’ll be kept up-to-date with any information relevant to you
8. You’ll be fully briefed about health and safety on your first site visit

When you have decided to buy a Fairbuild home

9. You will always be kept updated about the site’s progress and expected completion date
10. Your home will be fully completed in accordance with your contract before you move in, and we’ll demonstrate all the functions and facilities.

After you move in

11. You’ll receive 24-hour ‘back-up support’ for the first 6 months
12. All your rights and responsibilities will be explained in detail