Energy Efficiency

Doing the right thing by homebuyers and the environment

Energy saving homes by Fairbuild

Fairbuild are redefining and establishing new standards for sustainable and affordable living. A Fairbuild home really does offer a great deal extra for you, whether you’re just starting out on the property ladder or ready to take the next step.

Buying a Fairbuild home is fairer to you because the energy-saving measures we include in our developments give you more money in your pocket every month. That means more money to cover your everyday living expenses and more to spend on the things that make you happy.

Our properties are also fairer to the environment. A Fairbuild home is carefully designed to use up less of the world’s finite energy resources. Instead, your new home will use renewable energy sources where possible. And we’ve used smarter thinking in the design process to ensure your home will be better at holding heat and better at using the heat it absorbs.