Fairbuild’s Mission

Your home is more than a property. It’s probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. And we think you deserve a homebuilder who has your interests at heart.

At Fairbuild we believe that anyone who aspires to owning their own home should have the opportunity to purchase a home which offers the best possible combination of build quality and price. To put it simply – quality homes at a fair price.

We created Fairbuild in a way that allows it be “profit-making but not “profit-taking”. Our Board of Management give their time for free, and we reinvest our profits into building more quality homes at a fair price for buyers like you.

All of our homes are Fairbuild. A Fairbuild home provides homebuyers with the opportunity to purchase a home which is built to the highest possible standards for the fairest possible price.

Homebuyers purchasing a Fairbuild home can do so with FairShare, our help-to-buy scheme that enables you to buy a share of your home now and to buy further shares when your circumstances allow.

Energy saving Fairbuild homes keep on giving to the homebuyer with permanently lower running costs – giving you more control over your life.