The Sign of Things to Come

Do you believe in fairies?

Sign for The Fort Riding Centre for disabled

Folklore inspires many stories and legends about these mystical beings. Despite those who associate fairies with mischief making or worse I like to think of them as portents of good fortune. My grandmother used to tell us as children that they made the circles by dancing and using their magical powers. The scientific truth of course is much less romantic.

The Craigmore Road, Maghera is famed for an ancient ring structure of a different kind. It dates to the early Christian period and is thought to be a ring fort – a few small fortified dwellings for a group of families. How apt therefore that the private residential development on the Craigmore Road is named ‘The Fort’.

Yet the Craigmore Road is blessed in fullest measure for a different type of magical development, ‘The Fort Riding Centre’. This worthy establishment offers its services free to people with varying degrees of disability. Dedicated and caring volunteers are only too willing to help to ensure that the centre is open all year round to anyone who can benefit. This unique model of selfless giving is one of the few activities available for the disabled community and is a real opportunity to experience horse-riding aimed at benefiting health and wellbeing. The centre always welcomes donations to support its charitable works and is open to receive volunteers who can spare a little time to help such a great cause.

So ‘moving full circle’ why the interest in fairies and other magical experiences? It is simple, we always like to make a connection with the areas in which we intend to build – and to say that Fairbuild is excited about its latest proposed building project at The Fort, Craigmore Road, Maghera would be an understatement.

By clever and pragmatic design and with finishes planned down to the last detail we intend to deliver two very special and affordable Zero Carbon use homes. What’s more we also intend to offer financial assistance to home buyers, especially first time buyers to help to secure one. It is not only a great concept but a winning combination – that’s magical and a sign of incredible good fortune for two lucky home owners. Now do you believe in fairies?