Fairbuild’s Sustainable Design Consultant

Hero to zero architect Barry Gallagher uses traditional building methods

Barry Gallagher - zero carbon design consultant - Northern Ireland

Barry Gallagher, Architect and zero carbon design consultant to Fairbuild Homes

Barry Gallagher is an Architect & Building Sustainability Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. A pioneer in the field of sustainable build he specialises in eliminating carbon emissions for new build homes. He was one of the first designers to plan and deliver a true Zero Carbon home in Northern Ireland basing his approach on a ‘whole-of-life’ design concept.

Barry’s research has focused on finding ways to combine the use of renewable energies with sustainable building fabrics whilst embracing traditional building methods and skills. His current work is not only in the field of designing and the practical implementation of affordable zero carbon build for new homes but it also extends to the very important area of improving performance and energy efficiency of existing properties.