Helping to Make Zero Carbon Homes a Reality in Northern Ireland

Fairbuild is building two zero carbon homes in Maghera

Builder working on Fairbuild zero carbon home

Complete cavity fill at Fairbuild’s zero carbon homes at The Fort in Maghera

It’s vital that our new homes are designed and built to be as sustainable as possible so as to make a positive contribution to the environment, economy and our quality of life. However building a zero carbon home is proving challenging in the current economic climate, even though land and house prices are at a reduced level.

But at Fairbuild we see this as the perfect opening to innovate and feel that there is no better time to lead by example and to implement our plans for Zero Carbon build. Why? – because ‘it is the right thing to do’ for cash strapped home buyers and allows us to frame our blueprint for the way forward in this key area.

This is much easier said than done and we have found that there are very few who have the expertise or skills to do this affordably. We are therefore very grateful to our Architect & Building Sustainability Consultant Mr Barry Gallagher for sharing his considerable ‘know how’ in our drive to become the developer of choice for the homebuyer. Not only has he researched and developed ways of integrating the use of high energy efficient building fabrics with renewable energies but he has also set his sights on the design and delivery of the ‘next generation’ of affordable homes that embrace a whole-of-life design concept. Nonetheless the most appealing characteristic is that this is not at the expense of providing a home which is comfortable and that people aspire to live in.

The Fort, Craigmore Road, Maghera will be Fairbuild’s first project to provide affordably priced Zero Carbon homes specially tailored for the homebuyer. Through bespoke architectural design embracing traditional building methods and skills this pilot scheme will comprise two three-bedroom houses which have been carefully planned to meet all the relevant criteria. For further details register now for a brochure by emailing