Fairbuild Homes offer Greener Design

Traditional building methods can lead the way in delivering low-cost, energy saving and sustainably built homes.

Traditional Building Methods

Traditional building methods can be the basis of a new approach to building zero carbon homes

Mention energy-efficient, sustainable housing and many homebuyers start to imagine elaborate designs incorporating fancy gadgets to make your home greener. Most people think a zero carbon home is unattainable and unaffordable.

There’s a belief that we’re trailing behind other European countries when it comes to green design and that catching up will involve spending vast sums of money on high-tech super-houses.

We disagree with that assessment.

We’ve opted for evolution, not revolution. We stripped back every aspect of the design and build process to choose materials and methods that will improve energy efficiency, sustainability and functionality.

Our approach includes using, where possible, competitively priced local products, traditional skills and techniques of construction rather than shipping materials from far and wide.

Homes the way we’ve always built them, just smarter and greener.

Thinking green during the building process, and when considering the long-term maintenance of the property delivers big savings for the homeowner. We’ve found that taking even basic measures can make a significant difference to your home’s energy consumption.

Our designs indicate that we can comfortably achieve a code 6 house – the highest level of the UK’s Code for Sustainable Homes – with zero carbon emissions.

Fairbuild is now working to make these energy efficient, zero carbon homes available to first-time buyers.

Building is about to begin for two pilot houses in Maghera to prove that the theory works at an economical and affordable price.

So what have we done differently?

Well, to use an Irish turn of phrase, ‘nothing is different but everything is different’. That sounds like a contradiction in terms but bizarrely it reflects our strategy.

Until now, green homes have relied on revolutionary ways of building using expensive technologies which are yet to be proven over the long term. That’s led many homebuyers to the assumption that going green is not an option for them.

This attitude is not surprising. Without a clear, unified approach to energy efficiency in the building industry, it’s understandable why expectations are so low among would-be homeowners.

Many of the problems are caused by the industry – architects, manufacturers, suppliers and builders alike – grappling to meet ambitious government targets for achieving zero carbon emissions for all new build properties by 2016.

At Fairbuild, we thought very carefully about the right thing to do as we set about meeting those targets and, more importantly, our customers’ expectations.

We established very early on that we wanted to dispel the so-called ‘green wash’ – meaningless spin aimed at empty promotion of supposedly environmentally friendly initiatives – and cut through the flawed thinking that accompanies it.

Instead, we decided to build homes that are attractive, uncomplicated, affordable, simple to understand and easy to run.

We’ve found that going green is often about going back to basics. We worked with a visionary architect and a builder who shared our passion for making green homes financially viable.

We spent hours of painstaking research, sharing each other’s expertise and resources to reach a conclusion that we’re all happy will reap rich benefits for homeowners.

That sums up what we’re doing to remove the hassle of running a cost-efficient green home. If you want to take advantage of those savings on building costs and energy bills, just make the important choice to buy a Fairbuild home.