Refurbishing existing homes – a green alternative

Refurbishing existing Northern Ireland homes can be a sustainable alternative to new build developments

12 Larkstone Street, Belfast BT9 7HP

An example of high quality refurbishment in mature Belfast neighbourhood by Fairbuild Homes

As the world struggles with increasing energy demands, unstable fuel prices and the wide-ranging impacts of climate change, environmental issues are a priority which we at Fairbuild are determined to take seriously. Like every developer our actions have an effect on the world around us. So it’s vital that we look at our carbon footprint from many different angles such as our procurement strategy, methods of construction, the materials that we use and the technologies that we include within our homes. This is why we see that, in addition to our new build program, the use of existing properties is a very environmentally friendly and sustainable way to provide houses in the heart of established communities. What’s more we care passionately about the prospect of offering these properties for purchase to first time buyers.

Fairbuild is confident that by employing our expertise and know how we not only can reuse but transform existing properties into pristine and desirable homes. Through promoting and incorporating more sustainable products and ways of doing things we hope to ensure that the homes we sell meet the latest building standards and are of the highest quality with minimal impact on the environment.

As part of our future thinking we are also examining the prospects of retrofitting existing properties to create homes which greatly minimise their overall energy use or where it is practical and financially viable to do so, transform them into ultra-low energy use homes. We trust that such an approach will provide real help to homebuyers throughout Northern Ireland.