Refurbished homes in Belfast neighbourhoods

Fairbuild is refurbishing quality homes in established neighbourhoods across Belfast and Northern Ireland

Example of high quality refurbishment by Fairbuild Homes

An example of high quality refurbishment in mature Belfast neighbourhood by Fairbuild Homes

It is accepted that by refurbishing and transforming an existing property into a much sought after quality home can effectively contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Even so Fairbuild understands that sustainable development is about more than bricks and mortar. We are passionate about offering homes that are part of a vibrant community meeting the needs of local people.

As a result we recognise that existing properties represent a valuable resource. Their worth goes beyond just creating residential homes and they offer a fantastic opportunity to buy a home at the heart of an existing community. Not only that, they also boost the number of local consumers and encourage investment by bringing economic growth and wealth into established neighbourhoods.

Taking into account these important considerations, it is often much more efficient to make best use of the homes that we already have. It furthermore makes sense that as part of this approach, we commit to operating and building sustainably as well. To do this we will use lower energy build solutions while still focusing on remaining competitive. The key is providing homes at an affordable price and a Fairbuild home is genuinely offered with this in mind. It is therefore hoped that these homes will appeal to mainly first time buyers who are seeking to gain a foothold within their local community.